Liquid Cooled Induction Heaters

Our range of liquid cooled induction heaters take heat inductors to the next level allowing for a longer duty cycle (operating use) thanks to advanced cooling processes. 

AES HI 3.5kw Liquid Cooled Induction Heater (Lite)


ex. VAT £1,950.00

AES HI 3.5kw Liquid Cooled Induction Heater


ex. VAT £2,275.00

AES HI 3.5C (3.5kw)


ex. VAT £3,250.00

Josam JH400


ex. VAT £4,900.00

AES HI 8C (8kw)


ex. VAT £6,200.00

AES HI 8F (8kw)


ex. VAT £6,200.00

AES HI 10C (10kw)


ex. VAT £6,666.67

AES HI 10E (10kw)


ex. VAT £6,850.00

AES HI 10 HD (10kw)

£9,192.00 – £9,912.00

ex. VAT £7,660.00

AIT SB6K400TC - 6kw Brazing Induction Heater


ex. VAT £7,916.67

Josam JH1000


ex. VAT £9,800.00

Josam JH1500


ex. VAT £17,083.33

Liquid Cooled Induction Heaters

Liquid or water cooled induction heaters are a step up from air-cooled induction heaters allowing the user to put heat into conductive materials faster and for longer. Our range of heat inductors is primarily made up of liquid cooled inductors as we find users tend to start with an air-cooled inductor and want to move up in power enabling heat to be applied quicker and for longer periods of time. 


Our most popular liquid cooled machines include the AES HI 3.5 and the Josam JH400 both of these machines work on a standard UK plug socket and are suitable for most car and commercial workshops. When looking at liquid cooled induction heaters it's important to know which coolant to use and how the internal components are cooled - if components are cooled ineffectively the machine could overheat and either shut-down or ruin the electronics. 


We have over 15 years experience in selling, repairing and maintaining liquid cooled heat inductors and often still see machines from 10+ years working optimally if they are service and maintained on a regular basis.   

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