DA Tyres and Auto Saving Time with Portable Workshop Induction Heater

Supplied by AES UK Ltd, the AES HI 3.5 is an ultra-portable induction heater with integrated water cooling and variable heat settings. The lightweight system is favoured by workshop technicians for its ease of use and safety for applications such as screwed joints in vehicles, cases, bearings and hubs.

“The heater is particularly useful for loosening seized-up nuts and bolts,” Tony Degnan, DA Tyres Director explains as, “it saves hours on certain jobs because we don’t need to replace parts or other connected components when fastenings are too stubborn to shift. This saves workshop hours, saves our customers money, and in turn enables us to offer a faster and more affordable service.”

Established in 1985, DA Tyres and Auto provides a wide range of garage services including maintenance, repairs, engine diagnostics and wheel alignment for vans and light-commercial vehicles and cars.

“All this type of work is made easier and safer because we don’t need to use a naked flame,” Tony adds. “For example, if we are dealing with a job which is enclosed by wiring and piping, we don’t have to move everything out of the way for fear of damaging surrounding parts. This means we not only stay safe but also get the job done faster – probably by an average of one hour.”

Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conductive component (usually metal) by electromagnetic induction, whereby a high-frequency alternating current is passed through an induction coil to create a magnetic field into which the item to be heated is placed.

According to Tony Degnan, with its high-power capacity and long duty cycle, small dimensions and lightweight, the AES HI 3.5 is ideal for commercial and auto workshops and, compared to other heating methods is safer, more cost-effective. Equally important, compared to other flame heaters, is kinder to the environment.

“No question,” he states authoritatively, “it’s a great piece of kit and has easily paid for itself in the first six months. Furthermore, if we need any ongoing advice or additional accessories, the AES support team are quick to sort things out.”